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Job Title Angular JS consultant
Posted Date 26 March, 2018
Vacancies 1
Minimum Experience 1 Year
Skills Required Min Education: Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Information Systems or related

1.     Design, Coding, debugging and testing programs using Front-end Development skills like Javascript, Html, Css, Angular JS and SQL.


2.     The ability to think analytically and arrive at creative solutions, with a good understanding of the mathematical and physical aspects governing the data tracking and control.


3.     Utilizing the knowledge of Front-end Development skills like Javascript, Html, Css, Angular JS and SQL to perform specialized development of Software codes for User-friendly data input screens


4.     Conduct studies pertaining to development of new information systems to meet current and projected needs.


5.     Provide front-end web development services to MyBlueWeb application for Blue Cross Blue Shields of Massachusetts.


6.     Analyze complex user requirements, procedures, and problems to improve existing system design.


7.     Interact with business analysts to understand the requirements of client and ensuring the UI modules follow the requirements.


8.     Design, develop, configure, program, and implement software components applications, packages and customized to meet specific needs and requirements.


9.     Develop UI Modules which are reusable, adhere to responsive designs and are integrated with high standards of code quality.


10.  Create UI components using Angular 5 frameworks incorporating features like directives, services, controller and filters.


11.  Develop end to end application components involving business layer, persistence layer, and database and web services layer.


12.  Review and modify programs to ensure technical accuracy, security, and reliability.


13.  Develop and execute unit test cases.


14.  Perform test plan preparation and unit and system testing


15.  Provide quality documentation, status updates.


16.  Incorporating the intelligence for upgrade from an existing version to a later version, with ability to foresee and effectively handle troubleshooting code.


17.  Excellent communication skills and the ability to work productively in a team-oriented environment, with constant exposure to the training of Users.


18.  Performing the unit testing of the transactions in Front-end Development skills like Javascript, Html, Css, Angular JS and SQL Environment.


19.  Developing program specifications for Open Interface and Oracle programs.


 Apply by Mail: Human Resource, Steck Systems, Inc, 13706 Research Blvd, Suite#109, Austin, TX 78750

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